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NTVB Media selects VoicePort’s IVR to Optimize Call Center

NTVB Media, the leading publisher of TV entertainment and listings magazines, has selected VoicePort, LLC to provide an IVR solution to improve customer self-service and call center efficiencies.

NTVB Media publishes program guides for their 20 million readers every day across the United States. The guides provide information to their readers about TV programs. This information includes what shows are new and what shows are worth watching. NTVB provides this information via their published magazines and their corresponding websites.

VoicePort’s CircPort automated IVR solution will allow NTVB to enhance customer self-service while also improving both customer satisfaction and call center efficiencies. VoicePort’s system is deployed in geo-redundant data centers and uses SIP technology. CircPort will provide callers with advanced self-service options and, when required to talk with an agent, smart dynamic routing that will ensure callers are directed to knowledgeable representatives.

Alex MacKenzie, NTVB’s Call Center Operations Director, says, “NTVB is thrilled to be working with VoicePort to improve our IVR functionality. NTVB’s priority is making TV entertainment accessible to all our readers, and nowhere is that more important than in the self-service arena. We’re excited to see what VoicePort can do for our subscribers!”

VoicePort is pleased to assist in enhancing the customer experience for a magazine. The CircPort IVR is set to launch within the next few months. Chris Mann, VoicePort’s President and CEO says,

“NTVB has a diverse subscriber base and it is important that self-service options be easy to use and are successful. At the same time, if a subscriber wishes to talk with customer service representative, they can be transferred and not have to repeat information gathered by the IVR. The caller will be directed to the best representative that can help with their concerns. The ease of use and the self-service options offered in the IVR will increase caller containment and provide a lower cost per customer call while improving the call center efficiencies.”

If you are interested in learning more about what VoicePort can provide to your call center, please check out our product pages or contact us! You can view the full press release here.