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Advanced IVR technology for a more personalized customer experience.

Segmentation is an innovative and configurable solution for the CircPort IVR.  It offers precise customer targeting to improve customer service, manage subscribers effectively, and provide the opportunity to monetize subscriptions to their fullest extent.

With Segmentation, a newspaper can segment customers based on known subscriber attributes. These attributes can include, but are not limited to:

  • Churn Score
  • Customer Life Value
  • Subscription Type
  • Last Pricing Date
  • Subscription Start Date
  • Age
  • Income
  • Viewing Habits

Based on their defined segments, callers experience different menus and call flows.  These can be informational or based on their responses to the modified call flow presented with offers, surveys, or contests and, if required, routed to the call center with special routing.

Segmentation can be deployed with any customer contact solution software, but is further enhanced by combining it with Cisco’s Customer Journey Platform. This combination turns a contact center into a strategic asset by using comprehensive analytics to perform predictive-based routing.

Hosted Advantages

Telecom-grade Geo-redundant hosting centers inclusive of telecom with automatic capacity scaling to your call volumes even on your worst day.

On premise

Managed on-site solution deployed in your datacenters integrated with your telecom switch and agent contact center.

Highly configurable

IVR application that can be tailored to your precise business needs and easily reconfigured as your business rules change.

Customer support

24/7 access to knowledgeable engineers and productivity monitoring with feedback on system performance and suggested enhancements to optimize your IVR.

This solution is right for your if…

VoicePort’s systems leverage their proprietary front-end portal as a dynamic analysis tool to help pharmacist and staff identify patients to participate in the program.  The portal then offers anchor medication recommendations that the pharmacy team can align to get all meds on a once a month schedule and calculates the required short fills necessary to help pharmacist complete the task for the patient.  Each Pharmacy is also supported with an automated calling system from VoicePort to enroll patients in the synchronization program, to schedule the pharmacist-patient counseling sessions, and to alert patients when their medications are ready for pick up. VoicePort also provides back-end analytical tools to help measure pharmacy progress on keeping patients on schedule with their medications; a complete turn-key solution to help deliver greater patient health and wellness.


IVR for Newspapers

Our inbound IVR application maximizes pharmacy operational efficiencies while providing a superior level of customer service to your patients.

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