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Make it easy for your customers to manage their accounts and subscriptions… so you don’t have to

With an automation-first strategy in your contact center, VoicePort IVRs do the heavy lifting for you.

  • All calls answered regardless of volume
  • Customers can self-serve 24/7
  • Simple menus encourage use
  • Industry-leading containment reduces calls to agents
  • Skills-based routing option
  • Integrated with your circulation system/CRM
  • Fully-managed and cloud-based, minimizing the need for your IT resources
  • Extensive dashboards, analytics, and reporting

Chatterbox™ –  our DTMF Inbound IVR – customers use touch-tone menus

CircPort® –  our Advanced Speech Recognition IVR – customers say their responses

Outbound IVR – options for both DTMF and speech recognition for better service and reduced inbound calls

With a VoicePort IVR automating your calls, your customers can self-serve for:

  • Purchases
  • New subscription starts
  • Delivery problem reporting, including multiple days
  • Digital accounts, including password reset
  • Account status
  • Vacation holds
  • Cancellations (Stop Save automation options available)

With a VoicePort IVR, your contact center can handle the more revenue impacting calls with fewer agents, while improving the customer experience and reducing contact center costs.

Get even more from your IVR

Why settle for just automating calls?

For the best subscriber experience and to reduce inbound calls, take advantage of these add-on services:

Outbound IVR – Keep customers informed with proactive outbound calls for better service, reduced inbound calls, and greater retention.

  • New start and redelivery verifications
  • Credit card updates, decline notifications, and collections
  • Complaint resolution follow-up calls
  • EZ-Pay conversions

Analytics – A business intelligence platform for actionable insights and better, faster decisions.  Check your CircPort® or Chatterbox™ IVR performance at-a-glance with dashboards and create your own reports and visualizations with the no-code interface.

PCI Compliant Payment Service – Make paying easy with secure credit card payments and credit card updates right in the IVR.

  • One-time payments
  • EZ-Pay conversions

Segmentation – Personalize inbound calls with the CircPort® IVR by integrating with multiple CRMs and data sources to identify customer attributes to help retain and engage your audience.  Offer different menus and call flows for:

  • VIPs with high CLV
  • Customers who haven’t activated their digital accounts
  • Customers with credit cards about to expire

Web – Get all of your inbound IVR features on your website

Carrier Services – Dispatch information via text message to your carrier team for fast and easy delivery complaint resolution

  • Organize schedules and districts of carriers
  • Track and send notifications to district managers
  • Get summary reports and tracking. of texts sent and received

This solution is right for your if…

VoicePort’s systems leverage their proprietary front-end portal as a dynamic analysis tool to help pharmacist and staff identify patients to participate in the program.  The portal then offers anchor medication recommendations that the pharmacy team can align to get all meds on a once a month schedule and calculates the required short fills necessary to help pharmacist complete the task for the patient.  Each Pharmacy is also supported with an automated calling system from VoicePort to enroll patients in the synchronization program, to schedule the pharmacist-patient counseling sessions, and to alert patients when their medications are ready for pick up. VoicePort also provides back-end analytical tools to help measure pharmacy progress on keeping patients on schedule with their medications; a complete turn-key solution to help deliver greater patient health and wellness.

IVR for Newspapers

Our inbound IVR application maximizes operational efficiencies while providing a superior level of customer service to your subscribers.

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