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Carrier Services

The best way to communicate with carriers to ensure delivery.

When a delivery complaint is filed, whether through CircPort® or a live agent, a notification is automatically sent to the carrier and the district manager on duty in the specified district, instructing them as to how the issue should be resolved. If the complaint is more complex than just a simple redelivery, a manual page may be sent through the VoicePort user interface with more elaborate instructions.

Services gives you the ability to optimize the schedules of carriers and district managers, allowing for the proper individual to be contacted in order to respond to delivery problems.

Manual pages allow for customized messages as a way to communicate a variety of information. Daily pages, for example, may be sent out to all employees on duty announcing the start and close of each day.

Carrier Services maintains a series of reports that track the paging history, including who the page was sent to, what address, what time, the message type, and the actual message itself. Similarly, another report will record the dispatch history of various redeliveries. Statistics are made available for tracking any given day’s paging activities, allowing you to monitor and better manage the activities of your district managers.

Improve communication between carriers and district managers

Texting and email options

Easy management of carriers and district manager schedules


Carrier Services

Carrier Services gives you the ability to track carriers and district managers by organizing their schedules and their respective districts, allowing for the proper individual to be contacted in order to respond to delivery problems.

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