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Refill Reminders Produce Results

The pharmacy results are in, and we like what we see.

We’ve known that reminding patients about upcoming refills on the maintenance meds improves awareness about missed days of therapy and ultimately improves adherence. But what effect does it actually have on PDC?

Well, the results are in.

We’ve analyzed dispensing data from 254 pharmacies over a 7 month period:

Refill reminder calls resulted in PDC improvements of over 2%  for each of the 3 adherence measures.

To put that into perspective, not only did these pharmacies change the trajectory of adherence scores by mitigating lost days of therapy, but the percentage of adherent patients continues it’s upward climb, supporting better STAR Ratings performances across the board.

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Jeff Maltese

Jeff Maltese, RPh
Vice President of Pharmacy Strategic Development
Claro™ Pharmacy Solutions