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Ready for More: Centralized Contact Center a Must for Pharmacies

Although many retail businesses commonly measure productivity in terms of sales per labor-hour, pharmacies often use Rx per labor-hour as a productivity standard metric. This task-oriented measure is used for budgeting purposes as well as in their near-term forecasting models to allocate labor on a fiscal operating basis.

While this methodology is largely based on historical benchmarks and has value, it may not take into consideration each location’s physical plant, relative volume, staff proficiency and workflow nuances. Time study analyses are often used to evaluate the impact on workflow efficiency with the introduction of new technology.

Introducing new technology that impacts the traditional workflow model on which labor forecasting is predicated may have significant negative P&L implications unless an immediate incremental sales lift is demonstrated.

For example, pharmacies will need assurance regarding the following:

  1. Automated initial patient outreach is employed to “queue up” interested patients in advance.
  2. Integrated workflow models that minimize the need to divert staff from filling scripts.
  3. Centralized or load-balanced administrative activities.

By centralizing non-dispensing key business activities and customer interactions that might otherwise be performed locally by store staff, pharmacies can focus on acute-care dispensing and meaningful clinical interventions.

At VoicePort, we understand the need for critical new technology that addresses the concerns of pharmacies to protect their bottom line, increase top-line sales, all while improving workflow efficiencies. Hence the evolution of Claro™ and our innovative, comprehensive suite of products, including the impending release of Contact Center—the latest in fully integrated Centralized Call Center technology, specifically designed with pharmacies in mind.

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Jeff Maltese

Jeff Maltese, RPh
Vice President of Pharmacy Strategic Development
Claro™ Pharmacy Solutions