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PDX Partners With VoicePort to Provide IVR With Outbound Patient Notifications


ROCHESTER, NY–(October 13, 2016) – PDX®, Inc. and VoicePort, LLC announce the certification completion of VoicePort’s interactive voice response (IVR) with outbound patient notification for PDX EPS™ and Classic pharmacy systems for PDX retail pharmacy partners.

The VoicePort Claro Pharmacy Solutions Suite offers a seamless and differentiated approach to reaching multiple patients in order to address and support improved patient health and adherence in an automated and efficient manner. For this reason, PDX, Inc. is implementing the IVR with outbound notifications solution at the on-site pharmacy, Rx.com Community Pharmacy, located at the company’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We are thrilled to showcase Claro Pharmacy Solutions with our partners at PDX,” said Alphonse J. Sasso, Vice President of Business Development. “Our portfolio is designed to provide pharmacies with patient engagement solutions that work right alongside a client’s preexisting technology in an effort to improve results or add additional value to their existing adherence strategies. We have developed our platform to address each individual client’s special needs,” Sasso further stated.

“Our platform offers a high degree of flexibility and configurability designed to optimize our customer’s specific technology, workflow and financial requirements, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Adam Vargulick, Director of Product Development. Vargulick further commented, “Customers can decide which tools to employ at their discretion, whether it’s the seamless use of data-driven, automated outbound notifications or other services to improve workflow and patient health.”

Claro provides a host of cloud-based services to today’s pharmacists, including inbound/outbound interactive voice, text, e-mail response, patient education and translation services, mobile application and more to support today’s ever-changing pharmacy environment.

About PDX, Inc.
Nearly 10,000 pharmacies across the U.S. benefit from technologies provided by PDX® and affiliates NHIN®. PDX continues to build on its 30+ year commitment to excellence in retail pharmacy and patient care. Our single-source, integrated solution is unmatched by any other single provider or group of technology providers. We feature the following products and services: Care Rx® application — our flexible clinical services platform; fast, intuitive, and advanced Enterprise Pharmacy System — already the choice of over 40 chains and one major managed-care plan; the portable, interoperable Electronic Pharmacy Record, which contains almost one-and-a-half billion prescriptions and over 100 million patients; independent-focused Community Pharmacy Division; industry-leading accounts receivable services from AbsoluteAR®; pharmaceutical manufacturer performance programs from Rx.com Manufacturer Services; and more. www.pdxinc.com

About VoicePort
Founded in 2003, VoicePort, LLC, provides automated, customizable and integrated communication solutions to newspapers and pharmacies. Headquartered in Rochester, New York, our experienced team of engineers has created technologically superior solutions using advanced-speech, mobile and web applications.

For newspapers VoicePort’s product line includes CircPort, CircPort Mobile, CircPort Web and Carrier Services, all of which allow newspaper clients to reduce costs by providing multi-channel, cost-effective and personalized communications alternatives.

On the pharmacy side, the CLARO proactive HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant patient communications platform delivers multi-channel, cost-effective, automated, personalized, and intelligent interactive communications that allows for direct patient engagement on behalf of the pharmacy, via permission-based outbound calls, text messages, email or through mobile applications.

VoicePort’s solutions are recognized as innovative and highly effective in both the newspaper and healthcare industries.