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New Data Supports Claro’s Value in Driving Immunization Awareness.

Adult Vaccine Awareness

Outside of the widely publicized availability of flu vaccine, many adults are not aware of or have not prioritized getting other vaccines to prevent serious illness. Some interesting facts reported recently further validate the role that the pharmacist can play in meeting unmet public health needs. CDC data suggests that two thirds of patients over the age of 65 have not had a shingles vaccine and one third of the same age group did not report adherence to pneumococcal vaccine schedules. This in spite of these two vaccines being clearly recommended for this age group.

Moreover, this apparent gap is not confined to just the over 65 group. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos MORI and commissioned by Pfizer, nearly two thirds of individuals over 18 were not up to date with ACIP adult immunization recommendations.

Interesting data especially given that these same patients characterize themselves as knowledgeable with respect to the need and effectiveness of vaccines.


 Relatively healthy adults often visit their pharmacy for OTC purchases or short term acute care prescription needs. This is a great opportunity for pharmacists to integrate immunization assessments into their daily patient interactions.

By leveraging interfaces with state immunization registries (IIS) and available prescription history, Claro can display valuable clinical information right at the point of service. More proactively, segmentation tools can be used to produce targeted patient lists based on vaccine needs, age, health plan and disease states.

The result is a better patient experience and loyalty not to mentions incremental revenue.

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Alphonse J. Sasso

VP of Business Development