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Med Sync 2.0

Everyone knows that the Medication Synchronization and the Appointment Based Model produce measureable improvements in medication adherence and treatment outcomes, but what happens when patients still struggle with “compliance”? Are they actually taking the med?

Sure, Med Sync prescription alignment ensures that patients have sufficient on-hand amounts of their maintenance meds over time however some patients may still require continual re-alignment. These patients may miss doses due to concerns about side-effects or difficulty navigating a complicated dosing regimen. This presents pharmacies with the potential for compounded operational challenges beyond the initial Med Sync enrollment process.

Claro ™ provides solutions for pharmacists and patients designed to deliver on the Appointment Based Model’s promise of scheduled meaningful interactions. With valuable patient education tools readily available, SynchroScript™ simplifies the realignment process with a more intuitive user interface that allows the pharmacist flexibility in determining optimal anchor dates and short fills.

Contact us to learn more about how your pharmacy can benefit from Med Sync 2.0 and more from Claro™ Pharmacy Solutions.