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Key Principles Drive Credible Solutions

VoicePort’s Claro Solutions provide truly configurable, cloud-based technology, helping innovation meet pharmacy.

How do vendors build trust and strong relationships with their clients?
How do they differentiate their products and services in a highly competitive landscape?

In business development, guiding principles must be driven by a consistent message that we hear from clients: “We need credible solutions that augment our business objectives and processes with minimal changes to workflow and maintenance requirements.

  • Technology must be configurable to allow for feature activation concurrent with the script-filling process.
  • Automation of front-end administrative tasks to allow pharmacists to deliver more meaningful and robust patient interventions.
  • Employ centralized program management to further help to ensure better execution, a consistent patient experience and superior results.

At VoicePort, our first objective with any client is always to understand their strategic objectives and corresponding technology needs. The CLARO  patient adherence platform has multiple options from a data integration and program management perspective, ensuring that we find the best possible fit in each situation per the client’s specifications. In addition, CLARO is a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for costly up-front capital outlays and hardware maintenance expenses.

Give us a call and let us show you the right fit from your perspective, not ours!

Learn more at www.voiceport.net/claro.


Alphonse J. Sasso
Vice President of Business Development
Claro Pharmacy Solutions