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Improve Your Intervention Strategy with Claro

Claro’s innovative solutions—including segmentation, immunization intelligence and campaign management tools—are helping pharmacies connect with patients and deliver critical information like never before.


The Shingrix™ Opportunity
As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, Shingrix™ will be available early in 2018. This new shingles vaccine is indicated for all patients over age 50, even if they have already received Zostavax™. Shingrix must be given in two doses, helping patients combat the shingles virus, decreasing their risk of outbreak and providing much-needed peace of mind.

The time to start planning your intervention strategy is NOW!

By implementing key Claro pharmacy solutions, pharmacies have the ability to reach patients in a strategic and effective way.

With Claro’s segmentation tool, pharmacies have the ability to identify patients age 50+, as well as patients in that same demographic who have received Zostavax.

Immunization Intelligence
The Immunization Intelligence tool allows for queries of pharmacy management system for patients over age 50 who have not received Zostavax; query IIS for history of Zostavax or Shingrix; as well as report subsequent vaccine administration to the respective IIS.

Campaign Manager
The Campaign Manager streamlines identification through communication. For example, contact patients age 50+ who received Zostavax and deliver the following message:

Hello! Shingrix, a new vaccine that is 97% effective against shingles, is now available at our pharmacy. Even if you have already been vaccinated with Zostavax, the CDC recommends this new vaccine for all patients over 50. Are you interested in hearing more from your pharmacist about this vaccine?

Options also exist for contacting those who have not received Zostavax, but are over age 50, or patients who have received the first dose of Shingrix and are in need of another.

When it comes to taking care of patients, communication is key.

For more information on how your pharmacy can benefit from critical interventions, improved communication and increased patient adherence, contact us today.