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Data Acquisition and Analytics

pharmacyThe cornerstone of Claro functionality is the ability to acquire prescription transaction data, whether from the client PMS or some other similar database or process. With the ability to integrate third party interfaces like analytic engines or performance measure platforms, Claro customizes each solution based on client preferences and strategic objectives.

Claro’s analytics tools utilize common datasets, such as VoicePort’s very own API, to isolate patients or patient groups based on age, disease state, plan, etc. for further action. This tool allows pharmacies to employ industry standard performance measures, rank patients by relative impact on overall adherence scores, and more.

With varying levels of customization available, Claro offers cost-effective solutions for every pharmacy. Leveraging segmentation and analytics, we have the ability to implement behind the scenes intervention strategies, refill reminder campaigns, Med Sync awareness, and patient education when warranted.

Efficient Application
Claro clients have the ability to utilize Proportion of Days Covered (PDC) measures and augment existing segmentation capability with measures that are universally accepted by payers. Pharmacies can strategically focus interventions on patients who represent the greatest opportunity for improved adherence performance for a pharmacy or pharmacy network. Scoring should be longitudinal and employ a strategy of escalation starting with the most automated intervention—refill reminders, moving to more personal interaction with Med Sync, and/or patient education if the PDC score does not meet goals and expectations.

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Alphonse J. Sasso
VP of Business Development