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Contact Center Use Case

Claro’s Contact Center solution helps leverage automation and is completely customizable. Our tool takes the heavy lifting away from overly-burdened store staff with intelligent recommendations on patients who qualify for a specific clinical intervention.

One of VoicePort’s best customers is self-insured and offers its associates several value-based wellness initiatives as part of their benefit package. The goal is to encourage and empower these patients to self-manage chronic diseases like Diabetes and Asthma. Enrollment is optional but incentivized with copay discounts for the employee and covered dependents. This evidence-based program encourages more patient engagement through goal-setting and problem solving. Because this is a company-wide program available to thousands of associates, the initial enrollment is managed centrally.

The Challenge
Managing these patients involves disparate disease management components and databases requiring diverse agent skill sets. Patients are contacted via phone manually or they can call a contact center directly themselves. Although highly successful, an apparent lack of a unified central management solution is a roadblock to taking the program to the next level in terms of best practices and outcomes. 

The Solution
Caller authentication and routing against a CRM-like database such as Claro ensures that inbound calls are intelligently routed to best possible resource and resolution. Clients can dynamically define call flows based on agent skills, agent availability , and location, to name a few of the options. Once they are logged-in, available skilled agents are ready to be connected to patients whether the result of an inbound patient call or outbound “campaign” style strategy.

Agent productivity and patient experience benefit from real-time CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) screen-pops prior to the call being initiated. On an inbound call, screen-popping of relevant patient data ensures that contextual details about the caller at the moment the phone rings. Any number of databases, including Claro, your Pharmacy Management Systems or other CRM databases and dashboards can be integrated, giving the agent a full view of patient history in real time.

The Value
Cloud-based virtual contact centers with central execution can take the pharmacist-patient relationship to the next level. With CC-1 technology, agent skills are easy to build and refine. Managers use imbedded call recording and agent scoring to continually drive toward best practices. As agents improve proficiency, they can be deployed dynamically on the fly and regardless of their location.

High-value programs that are frequently managed using multiple spreadsheets, manual patient outreach and inconsistent outcomes are made easy keeping your store pharmacists focused on managing an already enrolled and engaged patient. The result is better patient satisfaction, efficient script-filling and superior disease management execution.


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Alphonse J. Sasso
VP of Business Development