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Personalize Your Patient Interventions

The CLARO™ Pharmacy Solutions platform is intended to be deployed as an all-encompassing patient engagement application containing a robust set of analytics, segmentation and intervention tools leveraging multi-channel, interactive notification tools. Its goal is to leverage state-of-the-art technology, business acumen and innovative product development to disrupt the status quo with innovative Pharmacy business solutions that drive top line sales, workflow efficiencies and public health services all with a strong return on investment for our clients.

Critical Features
The cornerstones of CLARO™ functionality are data integration and flexible segmentation and analytics tools. Clinical interventions can be staged to engage patient groups based on known attributes with relevance to the business’s strategic goals and objectives.

Orchestrated: Engage patients with pre-defined notifications based on a specific business/clinical opportunity.

Personalized: Based on patient-specific data and clinical relevance, secure interactive messaging is delivered via multiple notification channels.

Actionable: What is the call to action? Pick-up, refill a script, enroll in Med Sync, get an IMZ, schedule an appointment. Keep the patient engaged with clinically relevant messaging.

Connected: Comprehensive history on the patient that can be leveraged on inbound return calls/texts including CTI screen pops that display patient profiles to the pharmacy user.

Common Interventions

Reminder Notifications alert the patient or caregiver when meds will be due for refill or pick up thereby mitigating lost days and prescription abandonment. Reminder notifications have been shown to increase PDC scores by as much as 3%.

Medication Synchronization is the cornerstone of the Appointment Based Model. This regularly scheduled one-to-one time with the patient should always be utilized as an opportunity to perform other clinical interventions such as immunization evaluation, patient education and medication therapy management services.

Patient-facing Education/Translation where it has been identified that poor adherence can be attributed to patient difficulty with complex dosing regimen, importance of therapy to their disease treatment and side-effect profile.

Immunization Intelligence Solution forecasts patient-specific gaps immunization history based on ACIP recommendations. Segmentation can focus on a defined patient group and query PMS as well the appropriate State Registries.

Campaign Management facilitates proactive patient engagement anticipating patient/caregiver adherence gaps. Data segmentation and analytics can focus on “high-value” patients based on a broad set of elements like disease, insurance plan, age, location.

Contact us to learn more about how your pharmacy operation can benefit from personalized patient interventions with Claro™ Pharmacy Solutions.


Alphonse J. Sasso

VP of Business Development