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Patient Analytics & Segmentation

Create, customize and manage targeted campaigns

Pharmacy as a whole is continuing a shift toward value-add services with a focus on patient adherence. That’s why the ability to drive targeted outbound campaign messages to patients is so important. And we have the solution.

Our comprehensive integrated campaigns involve payers, providers, and manufacturers, providing seamless creation, management and reporting.

Our Patient Analytics and Segmentation tool gives pharmacies the ability to manage the identification and prioritization of patients as it relates to enrollment into a specific campaign or program. VoicePort will customize the proprietary algorithm to adopt the necessary patient scoring for each campaign as part of the service we provide.

The Campaign Manager allows you to create and manage any custom campaign, inline or standalone. Inline is an additional targeted message tagged onto a standard ready-for-pick-up or refill reminder notification. A standalone is a separate notification specific to the campaign being initiated by the pharmacy.

The Campaign Manager is fed by our Patient Segmentation Solution and a custom campaign is then created, including the custom message (for phone, SMS, Email, and Mobile App), the campaign start/end dates, and access to our Campaign Follow-up Manager which allows you to manage patient follow up for any interactive/bi-directional campaigns.

Identify, prioritize and manage patient groups

Customize and manage numerous campaigns

Inline campaign messaging

Target and communicate adherence messages

Show off those good reviews

VoicePort’s systems leverage their proprietary front-end portal as a dynamic analysis tool to help pharmacist and staff identify patients to participate in the program.  The portal then offers anchor medication recommendations that the pharmacy team can align to get all meds on a once a month schedule and calculates the required short fills necessary to help pharmacist complete the task for the patient.  Each Pharmacy is also supported with an automated calling system from VoicePort to enroll patients in the synchronization program, to schedule the pharmacist-patient counseling sessions, and to alert patients when their medications are ready for pick up. VoicePort also provides back-end analytical tools to help measure pharmacy progress on keeping patients on schedule with their medications; a complete turn-key solution to help deliver greater patient health and wellness.


Patient Analytics

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