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Patient Analytics

Automated outbound interactive voice response (IVR) notifications

The Prescription Services Campaign Manager will provide pharmacy users the ability to create and maintain a variety of “campaign” initiatives.  These initiatives could range from a broad approach whereby all patients are in scope to receive an automated notification to things that are much more targeted where only patients meeting a specific set of criteria are eligible and notified.  The ability to “segment” patients for the purpose of targeting which are eligible is a critical aspect to keep in mind in order to provide a highly usable solution.  As well, the ability for pharmacy personnel need to be able to self-serve the creation and maintenance of the Campaign Manager is a recurring requirement from prospective users.  Pharmacy as a whole is continuing a shift toward value-add services and high focus on patient adherence.  As a result the ability to drive targeted outbound campaign messages to patients is being sought after.  Comprehensive integrated campaigns involving payers, providers, and manufacturers  can be seamlessly created, managed and reported upon.

Patient Segmentation

Client will have the ability to manage the identification and prioritization of patients as it relates to enrollment into a campaign/program. VoicePort will customize the proprietary algorithm to adopt the necessary patient scoring for each campaign/program as part of the service we provide

Campaign Manager

VoicePort’s Campaign Manager allows you to create and manage any custom campaign (inline or standalone). The Campaign Manager is fed by our Patient Segmentation Solution and a custom campaign is created (the messaging to be conveyed to patients, the campaign start/end dates, and the call flow itself).

Inline Campaign Message

A targeted message delivered as part of a standard outbound notification (refill reminder, Rx Ready, etc). The criteria to determine who receives this additional message is dynamically determined by interrogating Patient Segmentation settings.<br />

Standalone Campaign Message

Notification to patients to communicate adherence communications encouraging individuals to take prescribed medicines as directed, information about generic equivalents, inquiry about a recently lapsed prescription offer, or other pharmacy specific messaging. The criteria to determine who receives this additional message is dynamically determined by interrogating Patient Segmentation settings.


Stand-Alone Health Campaign

Stand Alone health campaigns help improve client retention.

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