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An integrated solution that improves patient literacy and adherence.

Meducation allows healthcare professionals to communicate medication instructions to patients who may have difficulty understanding how to take their medications. Whether the patient’s difficult is due to language barriers or complicated instructions, the Meducation database provides instructions for over 90% of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States and Canada. Should you require assistance with a medication that is not included in the existing database, the tool can be customized to meet your needs.

Easy-to-read and view prescription instructions and demonstrations

Accurate translations in English and 22 other languages

Integrated with the Pharmacy Management System for data collection

Prints in large font sizes for elderly and visually impaired patients

Universal Medication Schedule (UMS)

Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) is a visual representation of medication dosing for various times of day. Promoted by the Institute of Medicine and the American College of Physicians Foundation as a method to improve health literacy, UMS improves patient compliance by providing a concrete visual framework for medication dosing at various times of day.

This helpful tool provides an intuitive representation of the proper time of day and amount of medicine to be taken, which reduces dosing errors.

Proper dosing is critical for patient safety–especially for children’s medications. To encourage use of measuring cups and measuring syringes, pictograms are shown as visual references for the correct dosing.

Meducation is fully integrated with Claro, allowing pharmacies to instantly produce PMI (personal medication instructions) and RS (regimen summary) sheets. These documents are proven to dramatically increase patient adherence and, in many cases, serve as a vital guide for caregivers.


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PMI Sheet    –    RS Sheet

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