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Immunization Services

An integrated solution to streamline immunization awareness

Demonstrate the value of integrated community pharmacy business practices and drive additional revenue while performing an important public health service.

Integrated Immunization Services is a solution aimed at boosting vaccination rates among consumers nationwide by providing Pharmacy teams with timely clinical decision support.  

VoicePort is leading the charge by way of automation in an effort to boost immunization rates based on the Advisory Council on Immunization Practices. In addition, State registries are appropriately automatically updated in compliance with current and future requirements, eliminating the need for manual pharmacy involvement.

VoicePort interfaces with State immunization registries via Scientific Technologies Corp. (STC).  Patient’s eligibility/gap in immunizations are found based on their immunization history and Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations.

Did you know…

Over 80% of patients were previously found to be due or overdue for 4 vaccinations on average. This is a huge opportunity to drive incremental revenue with minimal workflow impact.

Bi-directional Process

Updating the registry when vaccines are administered, taking the manual reporting burden off of staff.

Patient Reports

Patient responses reported back to pharmacy for action.

Actionable Data

Provide actionable data to pharmacists in a timely manner.


Automatically reach patients to make them aware of immunization opportunities and/or report this to the pharmacist through the Claro™ UI in a patient dashboard view


Immunization Services

An integrated solution that streamlines immunization awareness

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