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About Circport

Voiceport is your partner in automation: We have created the tools to make your life easier.


Founded in 2003, CircPort, LLC, provides automated, customizable and integrated communication solutions to newspapers and pharmacies.

Based in Rochester, New York, our experienced team of engineers has created technologically superior solutions using advanced-speech, mobile and web applications to handle the basic calls received into newspapers’ circulation and classified departments.

Our newspaper product line includes, CircPort, CircPort Mobile, CircPort Web and Dispatch – all our products allow a newspaper to reduce costs by providing a multi-channel, cost-efficient and personalized communications alternative to reduce call-center costs.

On the pharmacy side of our business, our PharmaPhonetics proactive HIPAA & PIPEDA compliant patient communications platform delivers multi-channel, cost-effective, automated, personalized, and intelligent interactive communications that allows a pharmacy to engage with patients directly on behalf of the pharmacy, via permission-based outbound calls, text messages, email or through mobile applications.

Our solutions are recognized as innovative and highly effective in both industries – VoicePort customers rave about our unsurpassed customer service and ability to exceed their expectations.