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Author: Katie

New and Improved Tools for Strategic Patient Engagement

RECAP: NACDS Total Store Expo 2017, San Diego The National Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo was a fantastic success, and the Claro team is excited for what’s ahead! For existing and new customers alike, we are now offering product enhancements and new technology with comprehensive and interactive Strategic Patient Engagement tools. Claro is the intelligent engine behind the scenes, serving the patient regardless of which channel is used. This exciting, innovative approach to patient engagement has really struck a chord with new and existing customers alike, and we are thrilled with the response. In addition to our already first-in-class Inbound and...

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Refill Reminders Produce Results

The pharmacy results are in, and we like what we see. We've known that reminding patients about upcoming refills on the maintenance meds improves awareness about missed days of therapy and ultimately improves adherence. But what effect does it actually have on PDC? Well, the results are in. We've analyzed dispensing data from 254 pharmacies over a 7 month period: Refill reminder calls resulted in PDC improvements of over 2%  for each of the 3 adherence measures. To put that into perspective, not only did these pharmacies change the trajectory of adherence scores by mitigating lost days of therapy, but the percentage of adherent patients continues it's upward...

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NACDS Total Store Expo

We're on our way to share innovation for pharmacy like never before! The Claro™ Team has been preparing for the Nation Association of Chain Drug Stores Total Store Expo, and it’s finally here! We will be heading out to sunny San Diego, ready to welcome visitors to Booth 1549 on August 19-22. We are looking forward to networking with pharmacy partners and peers, seeing longtime friends, and connecting with other industry leaders. Personally, I am looking forward to live Tweeting throughout the conference. You can follow us on Twitter @Claro_VoicePort for the latest updates, news, and conference happenings. With a full schedule and...

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Immunization Services: Giving flu shot programs a boost

With the start of the school year just around the corner and the ominous onset of illness that often comes along with it, this is a critical time of year for pharmacies to drive flu shot programs and encourage patient adherence. Claro™ Immunization Services is a truly integrated solution that streamlines immunization awareness and reporting. With this solution, pharmacies can build brand awareness while simultaneously encouraging new and existing patients to take advantage of their programs, particularly during flu season. In addition, the Claro™ Immunizations Services solution appropriately and automatically updates State registries, eliminating the need for manual pharmacy involvement. Pharmacy operators and...

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Ready for More: Centralized Contact Center a Must for Pharmacies

Although many retail businesses commonly measure productivity in terms of sales per labor-hour, pharmacies often use Rx per labor-hour as a productivity standard metric. This task-oriented measure is used for budgeting purposes as well as in their near-term forecasting models to allocate labor on a fiscal operating basis. While this methodology is largely based on historical benchmarks and has value, it may not take into consideration each location’s physical plant, relative volume, staff proficiency and workflow nuances. Time study analyses are often used to evaluate the impact on workflow efficiency with the introduction of new technology. Introducing new technology that impacts the...

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Key Principles Drive Credible Solutions

VoicePort's Claro Solutions provide truly configurable, cloud-based technology, helping innovation meet pharmacy. How do vendors build trust and strong relationships with their clients? How do they differentiate their products and services in a highly competitive landscape? In business development, guiding principles must be driven by a consistent message that we hear from clients: "We need credible solutions that augment our business objectives and processes with minimal changes to workflow and maintenance requirements." Technology must be configurable to allow for feature activation concurrent with the script-filling process. Automation of front-end administrative tasks to allow pharmacists to deliver more meaningful and robust patient interventions. Employ centralized program management to further help to ensure better execution,...

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3 Implications of Patient Adherence

Improving and driving patient adherence has proven implications for pharmacy retailers, and it is critical to recognize the affects it continues to have on the industry for both pharmacies and patients alike. It goes without saying that adherence means a higher likelihood of positive outcomes for the patient. Increased spending on medication in the treatment of chronic disease is more than offset by reductions in overall medical costs including costly hospitalizations But improved adherence can have a major impact on a retail pharmacy’s overall bottom line as well. 3 Implications of Patient Adherence Indirect STAR rating implications Improved medication adherence has indirect  financial...

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BH Media Group To Use VoicePort to Provide Top-Of-The-Line Customer Service

Publisher benefits from industry-leading customer service solutions BH Media Group, Inc. has selected VoicePort, LLC to provide its subscribers with quality customer care by utilizing an intuitive interactive voice response system. BH Media is the leading provider of fact-based news in communities it serves. The company has 31 award-winning daily newspapers and websites, as well as a number of associated weekly publications and an ABC television affiliate in Miami. Ultimately, BH Media’s goal is to keep its readers and viewers connected by delivering trusted information on whatever platform customers choose, including print, broadcast, online, mobile, social, e-mail or video. Thanks to VoicePort’s...

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Last Year’s Flu Shot Is Today’s Opportunity

As we gear up for NACDS TSE in San Diego, we are excited to showcase VoicePort's comprehensive suite of tools for pharmacies. Among them is our Immunization Intelligence Service, which integrates seamlessly with our Campaign Manager tool. The feature allows pharmacies to efficiently identify patients who received a flu shot last year--a proven way to gain repeat customers. In fact, history shows that these patients tend to a) be generally more loyal as pharmacy patients and b) represent repeat flu shot customers and potential incremental sales. Thanks to our partnership with STC and integration of the ImmsLink tool, pharmacies can focus on specific "target"...

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The Seattle Times Selects VoicePort’s CircPort Customer Service IVR

Publisher benefits from industry-leading cloud-based IVR solution ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwired - April 12, 2017) - ­­The Seattle Times has selected VoicePort's cloud-based interactive voice recognition (IVR) service to provide automated subscription services and support to their readership. The solution combines VoicePort's proven CircPort™ automated IVR services with advanced SIP telecommunications, funneling inbound customer service calls to CircPort's user-friendly, intuitive, dual modality speech and touch tone IVR. Callers whose accounts require specialized agent handling are transferred via smart skill-based routing to The Seattle Times call center. "At The Seattle Times, we have a major project underway to replace our circulation database with a state of...

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